Jarrow Formulas, Methyl B-12, Cherry Flavor, 5000 mcg, 60 Lozenges

Jarrow Formulas, Methyl B-12, Cherry Flavor, 5000 mcg, 60 Lozenges

Finally, a B-12 that is awesome & absolutely works

Until recently, I’d been using regular B12 and couldn’t understand how other people said it gave them energy and made them feel better. It did nothing for me. Then read that methyl B12 was different because it was already broken down and useable immediately. Due to that,

I decided to order this and try it on myself. After 6 days of use, I really can tell a difference. I definitely have more energy and I have a better focus than before. Now, I can understand the difference between regular B12 and methyl B12. Also, The flavor is great and takes two seconds to chew up. I highly recommend this.

Some Product details:

Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 is a simple to use lozenge that provides high quality methylcobalamin B-12. Jarrow Formulas’ Methyl B-12 lozenges are a convenient method for obtaining biologically active B-12. Also, It is a Dietary Supplement Supports Brain Cells and Nerve Tissue. Methyl B-12 supports nerve tissue and brain cells promotes better sleep and converts (via methylation) homocysteine, an oxidizing metabolite, back into the amino acid methionine. Lozenges come in three delicious flavors (lemon, cherry, and tropical) and can be chewed or left to dissolve in the mouth. Methyl B-12 helps maintain brain-health, vitality, levels of restful sleep and an enhanced mood.

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4 thoughts on “Jarrow Formulas, Methyl B-12, Cherry Flavor, 5000 mcg, 60 Lozenges

  1. I recommend these to literally everyone. If you feel drained at all during the day, or need just a boost of energy from lack of sleep, I highly recommend.

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