Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

Best white noise music ever!

Our apartment is just near the train station, so you only can imagine the horrible sound we hear. Before I gave birth, I read about white noise baby, meaning a white noise machine that I could time if I wanted in the baby’s room. This great machine does the job and I really like it.

My baby boy sleeps well when the machine works and this is the best thing I could hope for with this white noise machine. Also, I recommend it for adults. When I can, I myself sleep with the white noise sound and I can feel the difference in my sleep quality. My next step is to buy one more machine for my own room and enjoy the whole benefits of it.

Some Product details:

The Big Red Rooster is a white noise machine. White noise known as a natural way to focus, relax and to fall asleep easier. Also, white noise sound helps in sleep better, and in waking-up refreshed. Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine has 6 high quality natural sounds including: white noise rain, ocean white noise, brook, thunder, white noise, summer night. This machine provides you the option to Leave the sound on all night or use the optional timer that can be set for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Even more, this white noise machine is great for travel. It is powered by an AC adaptor (which included) or 3 AA batteries.

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7 thoughts on “Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

  1. This sound machine has helped my wife fall right to sleep. If she wakes, it helps her go right back to sleep. It is also good looking, and just the right size. I highly recommend this sound machine.

  2. This product is very compact (a traveler could easily tuck it in their luggage), and has plenty of speaker power so you can set it across the room or close to your bed. Easy to operate and has a bonus or timed sound or leaving it on as long as you want. I am as pleased with the product as I was with the price.

  3. I needed a sound machine that can help drown out the sounds of an old furnace right outside the bedroom door, kicking on and off throughout the night. This little machine gets it done. Volume is at the right level, sounds are realistic enough, it’s AC powered. It’s exactly what i needed, I paid a fair price for it. I am content.

  4. Takes up very little space and is simple to use while delivering crystal clear sound. Gave this as a gift to my parents and it does a wonderful job of covering the sound of her oxygen compressor and improving the quality of their sleep. Very realistic sounds.

  5. Works great. I have been using the first one I purchased for a few months now. I decided to buy a second for when I travel. It’s great for those miscellaneous noise that are common at hotels. I had another brand and it crashed and burned in a couple weeks. This seems very robust and reliable.

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